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About Us

OBXDIY is a combination of a business co-op and a makerspace.  We’re located at 3901 North Croatan Highway in the town of Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina.  We’ve been in operation for a little less than a year, having opened the doors in April of 2015.

At OBXDIY, we found that what works in our area is a merging of Music, Art, Arts-n-Crafts, some tech, and a vibrant business co-op capability that includes a large common meeting room and offices available for rent at a low rate that’s affordable for start-ups and very small businesses.

The makerspace function of OBXDIY should be considered a “clean room makerspace” in that we have no industrial machinery at the 3901 N. Croatan Highway location in Kitty Hawk.  We do, however, have an electronics lab and a 3-D printer or two.  Soon we’ll have a laser cutter.  We have a few offsite facilities that provide build support for OBXDIY including a local high-tech fabrication facility, a local wood shop, and a very cool fab shop housed in a castle (yes, a real castle) that can make just about anything we send them.

OBXDIY Makerspace was founded by Eric Holsinger, a local resident for the past 6 years.  You can read more about Eric here.  Eric runs the tech side of the makerspace facility.

Kim Twiddy is the General Manager for the Small Business Coop function of OBXDIY.  Kim manages membership operations and is our resident small business development expert, and she provides a great service helping our business co-op members become and stay successful.  Kim is also the president of Outer Banks Entrepreneurs (OBE).  OBE is a great forward-thinking organization whose functions are closely aligned with our Mission Statement, and OBXDIY Makerspace provides support for their organization and members on an ongoing basis.


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