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Thank You

We’ve had the good fortune of being blessed with a ton of ideas, help, physical support, logistical support, donations, and kindness from lots of folks and, although not an all-inclusive list by any means, we’d like to thank the following individuals for their help in supporting us, working with us, just listening, Stepping Up, being Team Members, and sometimes even putting on a tool belt and assisting with the renovations and setup:

thanks-on-beachFletcher and Ramona Humphries, Carlos Gomez, Ben & The Three Sharons at Interiors, John Gaw, Andy Cvoliga, Terry Rowen, Aubrey Jangraw, Ashley Malcolm, Pat Clark and the gang at PC Drywall, Jim Ryce with Seacoast Security, Billy Burley Master Painter, Ruth and Chris Wyand, Mike Dianna and the Mustang Outreach Program, Kathy Weeks, Emily Holmes, Harry & Sheila Holsinger, Donna Sequeira, Bill the Salvage Guy, Mary Holsinger, Anna & Gil Jullien, Sumeyra Sariboga, Jack Crouch, Virginia and Buck Conner, Chip Hedenburg, Beth Roach, Dawn Church at, Chuck Beatty, Emily Feyan, Brian Morgan, Mike Phelan, Mike Campbell, Donna and Morgan Hollowell, all the folks at Milepost magazine, Necla Rader and all our friends at Outer Bean, Donna Heffernan, Dennis Speight, Ben Alexander, Joe Heard, and many others in the community that have helped facilitate our presence here in the Kitty Hawk or are getting involved as we grow.


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