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OBXDIY’s Mission Goals

OBXDIY exists as an entity within the Outer Banks community as a privately-held, yet publicly attainable resource designed to provide the following Mission Goals to its residents and visitors:

  • growing a Managed Tech Presence right here in the Outer Banks and surrounding areas
  • educational opportunities in technical fields, the arts & crafts movement and associated disciplines, music, corporate training, business process & methodology, and tradecraft and skills vital to the economic development and well-being of the Outer Banks community
  • strengthening access to the arts and arts education by inspiring creativity, bringing people together and promoting arts-related tourism
  • hands-on skill-building in various technical and craft-based disciplines that are relevant to the current world and local economies
  • embracing sustainable yet practical small-lot manufacturing methodologies in the local community and beyond, insuring that we and our members are highly informed in all relevant disciplines related to this mission goal
  • existing as an entity that can be leveraged by businesses and individuals to advance their capabilities by providing resources that they could not otherwise obtain themselves because of cost or logistical impossibility
  • to be a really fun, cool place to hang out and make and learn new things about the world and themselves through Making and Learning about Making
  • maintaining an environment that advocates social and economic equality for all regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation

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