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Eric Holsinger

Eric is the founder of OBXDIY Makerspace located at 3901 North Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Eric did NOT know what he was getting himself in to when he started OBXDIY – no one can that starts a Makerspace, it’s kinda insane, but real fun!

Eric’s most recent gig is working in the aviation domain for Metron Aviation, Inc, and he also owns and runs MakeTech, Inc., with decades of experience and specialties in hardware and software engineering in domains as diverse as micro-controller development, geo-spatial mapping tools such as ArcGIS, social media data mining with Big Data back ends, and cloud application development for small and large businesses.  When he’s not crazy-busy with all that, he likes to design and build things like houses, makerspaces, Bat Boats, and other large, insane projects.

Eric loves to take the DIY path on a regular basis, preferring to figure it out on his own and learn from his mistakes rather than spending a month in a classroom learning how to do it “the standard way”.  He really values the DIY style of education that a Makerspace like OBXDIY can provide, and enjoys thinking out of the box while coming up with novel approaches to everyday problems.

He tends to gravitate towards large, radical, sometimes dangerous hobbies and projects.  His older sister, Anna, often tells him:  “Hey, Eric:  I think the last thing out of your mouth, right before you go down in flames is going to be –  ‘Hey!  Watch This!’ “.

Eric’s personal message to anyone that craves DIY like he does:  “Just go try it – and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, because it usually can be, and often it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  If you fail, so what?  Try it again or try it a different way!  Never underestimate the importance of a good mentor in a skill you’re trying to learn more about – and a Makerspace is a great way to find one.”

His door is always open to anyone in the Outer Banks that’s serious about start-ups of tech businesses or just wants to talk tech, and he can often provide resources and technical advice and mentorship.  Eric sincerely hopes that OBXDIY Makerspace will bring more creative and technical opportunities to the local area through collaboration and new resources, and that a Makerspace presence here in Kitty Hawk will ultimately help enhance the capabilities of the local workforce and the community at large

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