OBXDIY Makerspace October 2015 Newsletter 


The off-season is finally here, we dodged the bullet with Joaquin, and all the fun and entertaining seasonal events and festivals are upon us.  It's a great time to Be Happy and Have Fun.  Here's an abbreviated newsletter to keep you up to date, more details are coming soon on our website.

OBXDIY Makerspace is very pleased to announce our new Manager, Kim Twiddy.  Kim came on board last month and has been going great guns ever since.  She's a consummate professional and has many great ideas and methods, and she's helped us in many ways in the very short time that she's been in the position.  Kim is the president of Outer Banks Entrepreneurs (OBE). We consider Kim a key individual in helping OBXDIY Makerspace grow and reach out into the community in many ways.  Welcome aboard Kim!


Eric Holsinger, Curator of Chaos

Music News

The Mustang Music Festival is this coming Friday and Saturday, October 9-10 at the Whalehead Club in Corolla.  Many of us will be heading up there to support the festival itself and the Mustang Outreach Program which funds many of Ruth Wyand's activities within our space.  The two youth rock bands that train in our space on Wednesday's nights, the Mustang Outreach Bands, will be playing on Saturday, October 10th from 12:30 to 2:00pm on the south stage.  Come out and support them on Saturday!

Art News

There's a lot of activity in the art space at OBXDIY right now and it's exciting.  One of our newest members, Christina Weisner, will be putting on her first event in the space on October 16th at 7pm, Pop Art & Wine, whereby she'll introduce attendees to the Pop Art Movement and they'll make their own series of pop art prints to take home at the end of the evening.  Sounds like a very cool art event, many of us will be attending.  See our calendar for more details.  CALL OR EMAIL TO REGISTER: ONLY 15 SPOTS AVAILABLE (808)344-8938, or email to popartandwine@gmail.com.

Christina is a professional artist concentrating in sculpture and an Instructor at the College of the Albemarle.  She likes to merge art, science, and tech and she has done some pretty amazing work, you can see it on her website:  christinaweisner.com.  Welcome aboard Christina!

Little Wildflowers Art Studio has been holding Creative Fridays at the makerspace for a couple of months now and it's pretty special seeing how Morgan interacts with all of her students, guiding their creativity and building up their sense of self.  Morgan sure is great with these kids.

 Tech News

Mike Campbell with BearCNC has delivered the first of 2 3D printers that we ordered and we set it up in the fab lab last night and printed a guitar pick, we downloaded the model file from Thingiverse. 

The makerspace will be building OpenROVs this winter.   OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure.  We'll start with the 2.8, then move on to the Trident when that project is a wrap.

Business News

Our concept for being a small business incubator by providing resources such as inexpensive office space for start-ups, existing small entities, and telecommuters has taken off quite well, our offices are full and we have a waiting list.  This tells us there's real need for that here in the Outer Banks. 

The Outer Banks Entrepreneurs

The Outer Banks Entrepreneurs, OBE, is a new member and they held the first of their regular monthly meetings in the makerspace this past month.  OBE is a women's Mastermind, Networking and Referral group comprised of business owners from Dare and Currituck counties. Welcome OBE!

Christina Williams and Savvy Tech

Join Christina Williams & Savvy Tech on October 19th for some great Social Media seminars.  These seminars will help you take your business to the next level.  Choose one or all seminars!  All seminars are fun and educational in a relaxing atmosphere.  We will be offering "YouTube for your Small business", "Holiday Contests via Social Media", and "Facebook Parties".  All paid seminars include printed materials.  Please contact Christina Williams to register or with any questions.  252-339-0975 and/or christinawilliams@savvytech.mygbiz.com

Educational News


Tech Training In House

See the section above on Savvy Tech, OBXDIY Makerspace is excited to have a member with this capability in our space.

3D Lifecycle Course To Be Announced

Christina Weisner is currently teaching a 3D Design class at COA, and we're hoping to marry her talents with some of our other members in a collaborative effort to design a really unique full-cycle 3D Design Course that would start with general 3D space concepts and design (like sculpting), then move on to 3D modeling tools where one could take their sculpture and digitize it.  You could then print your design with one of our 3D printers.  More later as we start planning that later this fall/winter...


Some of us attended the opening of DASH 2015 (Design, Art, Science, and Humanities) event held at Coastal Studies Institute in Skyco and at College of the Albemarle in Maneteo this past weekend.  Christina Weisner and many others were heavily involved in the creation of the Making Waves exhibit, a sculptural installation interpreting wave and meteorological data over time.  Get over there, check it out, and support CSI, COA, and the Dare County Arts Council on a regular basis:  these institutions and organizations are highly important and relevant to this community's capabilities, education, and creativity on an ongoing basis.

Game News

Factory Boys Live and Gahndi With The Wind improv groups went head-to-head last month at the space in a live Competitive Sportprov.  A picture says 1000 words...

OBXDIY Members

OBXDIY Makerspace is a membership-based organization that includes organizational, business, and club members.  The following is our current member roster.

Music Team:  Ruth and Chris Wyand, Mike Dianna

Ruth Wyand runs her music school at the space.  She teaches private lessons and classes in guitar, voice, banjo, Ukelele, songwriting and music theory.  She also coaches and trains youth rock bands who rehearse at the space every Monday night.  Ruth is sponsored by and associated with The Mustang Music Outreach Program “MOP” and Mike Dianna owner of Mike Dianna’s Grill Room in Corolla.  Reach Ruth via email at ruthwyand@gmail.com.

Tech and Fabrication Team:  Eric Holsinger, Mike Campbell, etc.

Mike, Mike, Eric, Drake, Ryker, Jason, etc..  We have 3D printers, access to an 80mw laser cutter, a 4-foot x 8-foot CNC machine is being built by Mike C, an offsite wood shop, lots of electronics tools.  We continue to grow. The winter Open Build project will feature building out two OpenRov's.  Reach Eric or Mike at info@obxdiy.com.

Little Wildflowers Art Studio

Little Wildflowers Art Studio, owned and operated by Morgan Hollowell, is now running business operations out of OBXDIY Makerspace.  Little Wildflowers Art Studio offers unique art classes and camps for kids.  Morgan's office is located upstairs, and she's available by appointment to discuss the various programs and offerings she supports in the space.  Reach Morgan via email at littlewildflowersartstudio@gmail.com

Game Team:  The Factory Boys

Chuck Beatty and his crew currently use The Space on some Sunday nights for their improv and gaming group The Factory Boys.  The Factory Boys are an improvisational/sketch comedy group based out of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, who play board games and laugh a lot.  Reach Chuck at chucksvoices@gmail.com

Emily Dobie, Arbonne

Emily Dobie holds monthly Arbonne presentations and meetings at OBXDIY Makerspace.

Christina L. Weisner

Christina is a professional artist concentrating in sculpture and an Instructor at the College of the Albemarle.  She likes to merge art, science, and tech and she has done some pretty amazing work, you can see it on her website:  christinaweisner.com.  Christina can be reached via email at weisnercl@gmail.com.

Outer Banks Entrepreneurs (OBE)

Outer Banks Entrepreneurs is a women's Mastermind, Networking and Referral group comprised of business owners from Dare and Currituck counties.  Some of our members are independent professionals or represent family owned businesses, while others represent large corporations.  OBE holds monthly, quarterly, and twice yearly events to promote and strengthen relationships between these business owners and local residents.  For more information on membership with Outer Banks Entrepreneurs, OBE can be reached at obetrainingcenter@aol.com

 Christina Williams and Savvy Tech

Christina Williams is a Microsoft Office Specialist, educator, and a small business owner.  She has taught computer classes for the last 10 + years, and now has geared her offerings to small business owners across North Carolina.  Her seminars are fun and educational, she was once referred to as the "Rachel Ray of computers" by one of her students.  She teaches you the material in an easy to understand way but in a very easy relaxing atmosphere.  Christina can be reached at christina.williams@savvytech.mygbiz.com.

Social Media

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