OBXDIY Makerspace May 2015 Newsletter 


News from That Maker Guy

One Million Ideas.  I think that best sums up the experience of starting a makerspace, at least for me.  Or maybe Free-Range Ideology.  Quick - go grab that domain name, we could start a new…!

Over the period of time when  I was DIY’ing the renovation of the facility with Andy, TerrBear, Ashley, and Sumeyra, many people were asking questions about just what the heck we were doing and what was coming to Kitty Hawk.  That usually happened when I was covered in fiberglass insulation or sheetrock dust and 5 feet up a 6-foot ladder.

For those that know me, they know I love talking to just about anyone that’s interested in new things and innovative ideas, so I’d stop, take off the tool belt, and try to explain the concept of what my vision of a makerspace should be.  Invariably, I’d find myself coming back to the one universal description that seems to get the point across every time:  It’s like a community center with tools where you make things, learn to make things, and get involved in fun and useful things.  I think the recipe for success is as follows:

• Premix 3/4c. of motivated, innovative, fun, and caring People To Run It

• add 1c. of How To Do Things

• sift in 2c. of Helping Hand to new start-ups and existing local businesses

• blend well at low speed

• bake at 98.6 degrees continuously

• when heated through, liberally sprinkle Cool Tools and Lots Of Fun on top

In order to get to where we’ve arrived in 3 short weeks after opening the door – and it is an awesome place to be with almost 2/3rds of our initial planned capacity of 2015 Membership Teams defined and signed - it took a bit of explaining, but very little convincing once everyone got the simple concept.  I want to thank all those that supported us and those that will support us in the future.  There are too many names to list here, so I’ve put that Thank You on the website permanently as I want to keep the newsletters short and to-the-point, so please go check out obxidy.com/thankyou.

There’s lots more info to impart today, but it’s not my place to do so.  It’s the privilege and responsibility of our Membership Teams, and what follows is a brief overview of each team’s mission and functionality within OBXDIY Makerspace.  What you're about to read in the next section are the basic descriptions of the first seven teams that we think are important to the local community in many ways.  The mission, composition, and capability of these teams will change and grow over time, and we eagerly anticipate the future of OBXDIY Makerspace and the wonderful things we know will happen here with all of them and all of you participating.

We look forward to seeing everyone in our tight-knit community at many of the upcoming classes, maker events, camps, and special events in the near future.  See you soon at The Space!

**We'll be doing a round-robin for the Newsletter foreword section from each Member Team, so you'll get to see and experience a new and different perspective each issue.

Eric Holsinger

Custodian, OBXDIY Makerspace


Membership Teams As Of May 2015


Music Team:  Ruth and Chris Wyand, Mike Dianna

Ruth Wyand will be running her music school at the space.  She teaches
private lessons and classes in guitar, voice, banjo, Ukelele, songwriting
and music theory.  She will also be coaching youth rock bands who will
rehearse at the space and coordinating community and school music events
sponsored by The Mustang Music Outreach Program “MOP” and Mike Dianna
owner of Mike Dianna’s Grill Room in Corolla.

TechShare Team:  Mike Phelan, Eric Holsinger

Mike, Eric, and soon others will be supporting many technology initiatives at The Space including training and build-outs of cool stuff in the electronics lab, training people on and maintaining the 3D printers and other computer-aided manufacturing tools, and holding classes in programming, systems architecture, and putting on useful and fun tech events.

In The Loop Team:  Emily Feyan

Emily is running In The Loop which is a group of individuals in the OBX community interested in learning and sharing sustainable practices in order to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist in productive harmony.  In the Loop holds their monthly member meetings and a maker or planning event in The Space each month.

Game Team:  The Factory Boys

Chuck Beatty and his crew currently use The Space on some Sunday nights for their improv and gaming group The Factory Boys.  The Factory Boys are an improvisational/sketch comedy group based out of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, who play board games and laugh a lot.  

Fabrication Team:  Brian Morgan, Mike Campbell

Brian and Mike will be supporting fabrication techniques and best-practices through training and demonstration of methods and machines that include injection molding, CNC, 3D printing, and other techniques that can be valuable to anyone currently practicing or interested in learning modern fabrication techniques.

First Flight Robotics Team:  Jack Crouch

Jack is a First Lego League coach and runs the First Flight Robotics team events at The Space twice a month.  FIRST® LEGO® League introduces young people, ages 9 to 14* (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science and technology.  Jack is looking for new members for First Flight Robotics team, so email him at crouchjg@gmail.com

Arts & Crafts Team:  Donna and Morgan Hollowell

Morgan teaches youth art empowerment classes for girls called Be Authentic, Be U! (BABU) using mixed media to be creative and express their unique-ness while talking about
having courage, self-respect, and being true to themselves.  Morgan is also in OBXDIY Makerspace's Day Camp Program.  Donna conducts classes in art journaling for all ages using mixed media, altered book-making, and offers retreats and special events revolving around creative play.  Mother and daughter are co-owners of Deja New in Kitty Hawk, and they have a lot of fun in all that they do.

**Congratulations to Morgan on that new addition to the family!


Fusion3D F306 3D Printer Coming Soon!

We've been chatting up 3D printers for a couple of months now and trying to decide which model would be suitable for The Space.  Last week Mike P, Mike C, Brian M, and Eric H got an online demo from the CEO of Fusion3 on their new F306 prosumer-grade printer and we've decided to take the plunge and will order one next week.  We'll do a full review on this event online.  Fusion3 is a great printer and the big bonus is that we can buy one and feel good about it:  the good people at Fusion3 are a North-Carolina-based manufacturer in Greensboro!  Lead time is about 4 weeks, they may personally deliver it and put on a training event at The Space.  Keep an eye on the event calendar.

Fusion3 F306 3D Printer

Fusion3 F306




OBXDIY Makerspace presents at STEM Day at College of the Albemarle

Margaret Sequeira, Director of Operations

Margaret presented twice as part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers day on April 22, 2015.  Margaret introduced Dare County high school students to OBXDIY, defined what a makerspace is, and talked with them about what they would love to see in the space.   We made connections with other local and not-so-local educators and STEM career leaders.  It was wonderful to get out and connect with so many people creating, and Making our world a better and even more interesting place!  OBXDIY hopes to be back next year with even more to share!


OBXDIY Makerspace Calendar Of Events


Here's the next couple of weeks of planned events at The Space, there may be more added during this time period, so remember to check obxdiy.com/calendar before you head out:

• Every Monday night:  Ruth Wyand and Mustang Outreach Program's Youth Rock Band Practice

• 5/5 Ruth Wyand,  4th Class in 4-Course Studio Recording 101

• 5/6 Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OH MY!! (weekday morning class)

• 5/6 Fabrication Team Event, topic to be announced

• 5/12 In The Loop Monthly Membership Meeting

• 5/13 First Flight Robotics Team

• 5/16 Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OH MY 2 (Saturday morning class)

• 5/20 Fabrication Team Event, topic to be announced

• 5/23 Factory Boys Live gaming event

• 5/26 In The Loop Event TBD, usually a "making something" event or a themed event

• 5/27 First Flight Robotics Team

In The Works and Coming Soon

Summer Art Empowerment Camps For Girls, "Be Authentic B U!" run and designed by Morgan Hollowell starting June 29th, for info see the calendar, then contact Morgan and team at BeAuthenticBeU@gmail.com

• Fusion3 F306 Printer Delivery, Demo, and media event by Fusion3 Corp, late May or early June

• Friday Night No Alcohol Pot Luck.  If you're interested in running this event for us, contact info@obxdiy.com.

• Open Make Night